Here are the talks which were presented at the workshop.

Day 1

The CESTAM / CESAM2k++ code

Joao Marques
Yveline Lebreton: Some inputs and developments of CESTAM
Morgan Deal: Transport of chemical elements
Louis Manchon: Entropy-calibrated modelling with CESTAM
Rhita-Maria Ouazzani: The ACOR oscillation code
Louis Manchon: Transport of angular momentum in 2D

Afternoon talks:

Alain Hui-Bon-Hoa: The Toulouse Geneva Evolution Code (TGEC)
Anthony Noll: Impact of central mixing and nuclear reactions network on the size of convective cores
Facundo Moyano: Transport by internal magnetic field through stellar evolution

Day 2

stellar codes discussion

Benoît Commerçon & PNPS: Point sur le numérique (enquête, AS numérique, ANO CC)
Sebastien Deheuvels & PNPS

The ESTER Code

Michel Rieutord: The ESTER project: modelling fast rotating stars
Axel Lazzarotto: Study of intensity spectrum from rapidly rotating stars

Afternoon talks

Daniel Reese: 2D oscillations of ESTER models with the TOP code
Giovanni Mirouh: Single- and binary-star population synthesis with the binary_c code to constrain stellar evolution.
Loïc Fellay: 3D static models of close, synchronized binaries in hydrostatic equilibrium

Day 3

The Magic/parody codes

Paul Barrère: Introduction: 3D MHD codes: MagIC and PaRoDy
Raphael Raynaud: Some Theory: MagIC code
Ludovic Petitdemange & Florentin Daniel: Numerical methods: The pseudo-spectral code MagIG/PaRoDy
Paul Barrère: Some results: Tayler instability, Tayler Spruit dynamo

afternoon talks

Isabelle Baraffe: Multi-dimensional stellar structure models with the fully compressible time implicit code MUSIC
Arthur Le Saux: Study of internal gravity waves with MUSIC
Antoine Strugarek: Solar and stellar physics with the PLUTO code

Day 4


B. Commerçon: RAMSES
U. Lebreuilly: Star formation with RAMSES

afternoon talks

Stéphane Lizin: First 3D Time-dependent convection model for asteroseismology
Laurent Ibgui: 3D Spectral Radiative Transfer with IRIS and 3D Radiation Magnetohydrodynamics with PLUTO: results and perspectives
Maxime Delorme: Dyablo-Whole Star: A new simulation code on AMR grids for the simulation or solar-ike stars on exascale supercomputers

Day 5

morning talks

Louis Amard: A versatile stellar evolution code : STAREVOL
Daniel Reese: Characterising stars with AIMS and SPInS
Jordan Philidet: PDF Lagrangian models of turbulence for the modelling of convection/oscillation coupling