Steering Committee

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Kévin Belkacem (co-chair) is working at LESIA. His main scientific interests are stellar seismology, physics of waves and their interactions with turbulence, transport of angular momentum in stellar interiors. He is involved in the preparation of the ESA space-borne mission PLATO.  

Franck Delahaye is working at LERMA. His main interests are atomic physics and stellar physics making the bridge between the two domains via the opacities. Member of The Opacity Project, he is approaching the opacities with theoretical calculation, leading laboratory experiments and through their use in stellar modeling

Misha Haywood is working at GEPI. His main scientific interests are galactic archeology, Galactic structure and evolution, Milky Way stellar populations. He is involved in the Gaia mission and spectroscopic surveys WEAVE and MOONS.

Rhita-Maria Ouazzani is a member of the pole Étoile at LESIA. Her main scientific interest is stellar rotation and its interaction with pulsations in stars, with the aim of using stellar pulsations to constrain dynamical transport processes in stellar interiors. She is also involved in the scientific preparation of the ESA PLATO mission.

Ludovic Petitdemange (co-chair) is interested in understanding dynamo action occurring in astrophysical objects (stars and planets). He uses massively parallel spherical multidimensional simulations to model deep turbulent flows responsible for planetary and stellar magnetism. He currently works at LERMA, of which he is deputy director.

Frédéric Royer is working in GEPI. He specialised in spectroscopic data reduction and analysis. He is involved in different instrumental projects and surveys (Gaia, MOONS, WEAVE) and his main scientific interest is the axial rotation of early-type stars.