Assessment Study Report complete!

Assessment Study Report (also known as the Yellow Book) for EnVision – a candidate mission for the M5 launch opportunity in Cosmic Vision – click on Figure or this link to access ESA Cosmic Vision / EnVision Assessment Study Report publication. Credits: NASA / JAXA / ISAS / DARTS / Damia Bouic / VR2Planets.

We are proud to share with you the EnVision assessment study report – also known as the “yellow book”, which has been prepared by the EnVision Science, Instruments and ESA Teams.

It gives a complete description of the EnVision mission to Venus at the end of the phase A from a scientific, technical and operational points of view. It also reflects the (hard) work of tens of people across Europe and in the US in the last 3 years, and show what can be achieved when combining the best of science and engineering worlds. 

Virtual public presentation of missions in competition for the ESA M5 launch opportunity will take place on 29 April 2021 09:30 – 13:00 CEST, with Q&A session. Further information and registration at:

The yellow book will be the basis for an independent scientific evaluation of the mission which is just starting – in parallel the EnVision study has also entered an extensive review by ESA (called the “Mission Selection Review”) to confirm its technical and programmatic feasibility. 

The outcomes of these two parallel processes (scientific assessment and mission selection review) will feed the decision by ESA in June 2021 on the next Medium-class mission (“M5”) within ESA’s Cosmic Vision science programme, among the two remaining candidates : Theseus and EnVision. 

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