SubSurface Radar Sounder objectives

The Subsurface Radar Sounder is designed to acquire information on the shallow Venus subsurface. This enables many scientific objectives: 

  • Characterization of the different stratigraphic and structural patterns of the subsurface
  • Mapping the vertical structure of geologic units by exploring the subsurface properties of features such as tessera, plains, lava flows and impact debris
  • Detection of subsurface structures non directly linked with surface
  • Study the volcanism phenomena and theirimpact on the geological evolution of the Venusian topography

L. Carrer, L. Bruzzone. “Solving for ambiguities in radar geophysical exploration of planetary bodies by mimicking bats echolocation.” Nature communications 8.1 (2017): 2248

Potential scientific targets : examples

Examples of potential scientific targets for SRS (P.I. Lorenzo Bruzzone, University of Trento, Italy)