Page updated 18 May 2023

The links below provide ease of access to relevant resources. This includes published material concerning EnVision, outreach resources and links as well as more in-depth informative documents.

EnVision mission public documents

Graphics, images, CG animations

Several graphics, images, CG animations of the EnVision mission concept at Venus, such as this deployment video below, are available on the European Space Agency website.

EnVision orbit insertion video (with sound!). Version April 2021. Credit European Space Agency / VR2Planets
EnVision polar orbit motion in sunrise (with sound!). Version April 2021. Credit European Space Agency / VR2Planets

Science Sisters

Science Sisters is an interview series on YouTube where Iris Van Zelst (@iris_van_zelst) nterviews a diverse set of guests on the different career paths one can take and issues in academia to give viewers an idea of the people behind the science. In Iris’ words, “The branding of the series is very much centred around Venus and Earth, as they are ‘Science Sisters“. Have a look and enjoy!

Pathways to the Decade of Venus: Akatsuki – BepiColombo, a tale of two missions

International collaboration on Venus observations were performed during the flybys of BepiColombo (ESA-JAXA), on its way to planet Mercury. The collaborative observations were planned between BepiColombo and the operating Venus orbiter, Akatsuki (JAXA), during the 2 times of Venus flybys in October 2020 (Fig. 1) and August 2021. We consider this as an example of a successful inter-agency collaboration between missions operating simultaneously at Venus. its details are summarized here.