The links below provide ease of access to relevant resources. This includes published material concerning EnVision as well as more in-depth informative documents.

Mission proposal documents

EnVision Assessment Study Report (“Yellow Book”): Click to Download

Conferences and workshops 2019-2020

Niseko, Hokkaido, Japan May 31 -June 3, 2019International Venus Conference 2019 – The 74th Fujihara Seminar : Akatsuki Novel Development of Venus Science

Geneva, Switzerland 15–20 September 2019 – EPSC-DPS Joint Meeting 2019 – Session TP9/MIT5 on Venus Science and Exploration

Moscow, Russia 2-5 October 2019  Venera-D Landing Sites and Cloud Layer Habitability Workshop 
Space Research Institute (IKI)

Boulder, Colorado 6-8 November 2019 17th Meeting of the Venus Exploration and Analysis Group (VEXAG) – LASP Space Sciences Building, Boulder, Colorado
Abstract Deadline – August 21, 2019, 5:00 p.m. (GMT -5) 

Houston, Texas 5-7 February 2020,  Lunar and Planetary Institute – Exoplanets in Our Backyard: Solar System and Exoplanet Synergies on Planetary Formation, Evolution, and Habitability. Indication of Interest by October 1, 2019

Paris, France 12-14 February 2020EnVision International Conference, CNES Headquarters in central Paris. The conference will welcome all presentations related to the ESA-NASA EnVision mission’s objectives and its science investigations.

Job opportunities

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Akatsuki – BepiColombo coordination during Venus flybys 2020/2021

International collaboration on Venus observations are under discussions during the flybys of BepiColombo (ESA-JAXA), on its way to Mercury. The collaborative observations have been planned between BepiColombo and the operating Venus orbiter, Akatsuki (JAXA), during the 2 times of Venus flybys in October 2020 (Fig. 1) and August 2021, while its details are summarized here

EnVision orbit insertion video. Version April 2021. Credit European Space Agency / VR2Planets