The links below provide ease of access to relevant resources. This includes published material concerning EnVision as well as more in-depth informative documents.

We also maintain a page with additional outreach and EnVision news.

Institutional / Space agencies press releases

Mission proposal documents

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Conferences and workshops – 2019

Vienna, Austria 7-12 April 2019 – EGU General Assembly 2019 – Open Session on Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus as terrestrial planets

Niseko, Hokkaido, Japan May 31 -June 3, 2019 – International Venus Conference 2019 – The 74th Fujihara Seminar : Akatsuki Novel Development of Venus Science

Lisbon, Portugal 27-28 June, 2019 – S-SAIL – Solar System Atmospheres’ Investigation and exopLanets

Geneva, Switzerland 15–20 September 2019 – EPSC-DPS Joint Meeting 2019 – Session TP9/MIT5 on Venus Science and Exploration

Job opportunities

A PhD project is proposed in Paris by Jacques Laskar and EnVision Team member Nicolas Rambaux on modelling the rotation of Venus analogs, momentum exchanges between atmosphere and the solid body, in the context of the EnVision mission proposal – Application deadline : April 26, 2019 

A Postdoctoral research position in planetary plate tectonics is available at the University of Oslo with Tobias Rolf. Application deadline : 10 June 2019.

Selected publications

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