November 09 2002 (SSC31, -32) CIR , CMEH43

09 November 2002: The figure displays, first, three spectra covering different frequency ranges from higher to lower frequencies:

  • Upper row, 4.5-2 GHz; Middle row, left panel, upper part, 80 -0.1 MHz, the lower part shows the east-west, and the north-south positions of the radio source at 164 MHz; Lower row, the extended Wind/Wave spectrum. The main radio signatures of this event are: 13:12-13:17 UT, type III bursts covering a broad frequency range from 4.5 GHz to 1MHz; 13:18-13:24 UT, microwave burst from 4.5GHz to 2GHz and the onset of a type II burst.
  • Middle and Lower rows, right panels: After 13:22 UT, a long duration¬† emission, is well observed by the NRH at 164 MHz. Middle and Lower rows, right panels: the sources of the radio continuum are located below the CME.

This event is associated with a CME (CMEH43 13:31 V 1838, 1977, 1917 km/s)

This event shares the following characteristics: Type II, Type IV (A-B)