27 May (SSC18, -13) ICME, CMEP26


27 May 2002: This event is associated with a CME (CMEP26: <13:27:18 UT  PA 49 (deg) Width >161 (deg), V 1106, 1122, 1124 Km/s); (no SOHO observation between 12:50 UT and 13:27 UT); onset of the EIT source at 12:23 UT.  Two successive and distinct  sources are detected with the NRH, both at  432 MHz and 164 MHz  (No imaging observation above 432 MHz). Each source  trajectory is  inclined  along an eastward direction and is associated with a distinct bright elongated eruptive structure well identified in white light  by the SOHO/LASCO coronagraph. These two eruptive structures encounter  the CME  (see the two CME images, right panel); a strong shock is  observed on the CME front (see left panel). A weak type II burst is  visible in the daily observations from the WIND/Waves radiospectrograph (Note that this type II burst was indeed reported in the WIND/Waves type II bursts and CMEs list (https://cdaw.gsfc.nasa.gov/CME_list/radio/waves_type2.html)  and not  in  the type II and IV radio bursts  list (https://ssed.gsfc.nasa.gov/waves/bursts_2002.html). There was no Nançay DAM observation at this time.

This event is associated with a shock   detected at L1.