August 16 2002 (ssc25, -106)MC, CMEH36

August 16 2002: Microwave burst observed at 3 GHz (A) (Ondrejov): 12:00-12:45 UT (Max 2460 SFU), detected in a broad frequency range (see the onset of the event in the 180-30 MHz spectrum: outburst (12:05-12:15 UT) followed by a continuum covering the entire frequency range until , at least, 17:00 UT (upper raw); this continuum isĀ  also detected with WIND/Waves (B, type IV). A Type II multiband, between August 16 12:20 UT and August 17, 21:00 UT is also detected by WIND/Waves. This event is associated with a CME at 12:30 UT (CMEH36 , V 1585, 1239, 1447 km/s).

This event shares the following characteristics: Type II, Type IV A-B.