May 17 2002 (SSC15, -36) ICME, CMEN22

17 May 2002:  07:38 UT: Onset  of a  microwave burst (A) which drifts  towards  lower frequencies  and  stops abrutly its development at 08:00 UT. This disappearance could be attributed to the encounter between the coronal structure, site of the microwave burst, and  a CME  (CMEN22: 08:06 UT PA 61 (deg),  Width 92 (deg),  V 665 616 575 km/s).  The signature of this encounter is  the onset of a short duration radio burst observed at discrete frequencies (between roughly 800 MHz and hectometer wave-lengths) .

This event shares the following characteristics: Microwave burst (A) drifting in frequency; sudden stop as inferred from radio observations, presumably after its encounter with a coronal obstacle.