July 26 2002 (SSC22, 0) Shock, CMEH32


26 July 22:06: Impulsive burst detected by HIRAISO  (2.8 GHz-200 MHz) and by WIND/Waves.  This is followed by the onset of a type II burst also detected by HIRAISO and by WIND/Waves.  This event is associated with a CME: 22:06 UT (CMEH32, V 818, 816, 817 Km/s). The two successive SOHO/C2 images (21:30 and 22:06 UT) do not show significant modifications,  except for a  small structure, indicated by an arrow). The next images (direct and running-difference ones) at 22:36 UT, show  the CME; the small structure  is now well developed and becomes a flux rope as  shown in  the next image at 23:30 UT which reveals the birth of  a flux rope, distinct from the CME ( see  movie: https://cdaw.gsfc.nasa.gov/CME_list/UNIVERSAL/2002_07/univ2002_07.html. ).

This event is associated with a shock detected at L1.