Elementary, middle and high school

  • Elementary school
    In 2017-2018, I am starting an astronomy program at the Cabanac-et-Villagrains elementary school for all grades, consisting in an interactive lecture in each classroom on the following themes:

    • 1st-2nd grade (CP-CE1): Les phases de la Lune et les éclipses
    • 2nd-4th grade (CE1-CE2-CM1): Le Système Solaire
    • 4th-5th grade (CM1-CM2): La conquête spatiale

If successful, I will propose this program to other local schools.

In parallel, I am mentoring the project “Notre Terre, une planète du Système Solaire” education project of the 1st grade (CP) of this school. They are competing for the SF2A “Découvrir l’Univers” Prize (competition website). The themes of this project are: the terrestrial globe, the Earth-Sun couple, the Earth-Moon couple and the tides, the Sun-Earth-Moon system: moon phases and eclipses, the Earth in the Solar System. The project consists of a series of experiments, interactive presentations, observations, artistic model of the Solar System, etc.

  • Middle school
    Project “Astro à l’école – Les ressources de l’espace” at the Collège Léo Drouyn in Vérac (33, France) in 2012-2013, with a presentation on “Water on Mars”
  • High School
    Presentation “La Conquête de Mars” at the Lycée Max-Linder in Libourne in May 2006.

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