My current research interests and activities are related to the study of the composition, chemistry and dynamics of the atmospheres of the giant planets. I use (sub)millimeter observatories (Herschel, ALMA) as well as photochemical and thermochemical models to provide constraints on their formation and evolution. I participate in the development of the Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer (JUICE) mission of the European space Agency, and its Submillimetre Wave Instrument (SWI).

My main science themes are:

  • Origin and formation of the giant planets
    • What are the physico-chemical conditions for the formation of planetesimals?
    • How do primordial ices condense?
  • Spatio-temporal evolution of giant planet atmospheres
    • What are the interactions between the giants and their icy environment?
    • How do seasons and dynamics modify the chemical composition of giant planets?
  • Dynamics of the atmospheres of the giant planets
    • Do tropospheric zonal winds extend up to the stratospheres?
    • What is the origin of the stratospheric oscillations of Jupiter and Saturn?

These pages contain my main results, a description of my work in the JUICE program, and my publication list.