Back to I93 and detection of a potentially hazardeous asteroid (July 2020)

My last observations at the I93 observatory of my friend Florent Losse dated back to 2017… On July 19th, and despite skies that were not so clear, we detected 3 asteroids. One of them is a PHA (Potentially Hazardeous Asteroid). Here are the animations showing the asteroids:

2020OM1, that’s the PHA

And here are the links to the Minor Planet Center circulars:

MPEC 2020-O50 : 2020 OF1
MPEC 2020-O52 : 2020 OH1
MPEC 2020-O56 : 2020 OM1

Bilal Benmahi

Thesis in progress…

Student: Bilal Benmahi

Title: Étude de la composition et de la dynamique des planètes géantes : Préparation
de la mission JUICE

Years: 2019-2022

Scientific context: Observe the atmosphere of Jupiter and the other giant planets (comparative planetology) with earth- and space-based facilities (e.g. Odin, ALMA) to characterize their composition and dynamics, in preparation of the JUICE mission (see this post) and the science investigations of SWI (see this post).