Good Vibrations Seminar S2E1: Emily Hatt (University of Birmingham, UK)

September 15, 2021 | 10:00 am 11:00 am

Asteroseismology with TESS; Bridging the Gap Between The Red Giant Branch and the Main Sequence

Emily Hatt (University of Birmingham)

Current asteroseismic catalogues are dominated by detections made in Kepler data. While the mission produced large numbers of evolved red giants and a substantial set of main sequence stars, observational constraints hampered detections in subgiants and low luminosity giants. To fill this gap we require larger surveys like TESS and the upcoming Plato mission. This introduces a new issue, how do we locate solar-type oscillators in enormous data sets. In an attempt to address these two issues, I will present a new automated detection pipeline designed for Plato and the catalogue of solar-like oscillators that fell out of our work testing it with TESS. These stars sit at the sharp cut on the RGB enforced by the Kepler long cadence nyquist frequency, and extend down the subgiant branch toward the main sequence. 

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