The series has been running successfully for around two years now. It has allowed 25 colleagues to present their PhD work in detail to an audience of specialists (for around 40 to 80 persons!). But the COVID crisis is almost over, and most of the international meetings are planned in person now. Nonetheless, the support from the community and the usefulness of these seminars for PhD students, encouraged us to continue the GVSS and thus this announcement. The format will be pretty much the same: 1 talk per month and 35 minutes per talk, to allow plenty of time for questions up to 1 hour. The seminars will start in October and end in March, to avoid conflicts with the season of congresses and workshops.

The call for applications to give a good vibration seminar next season is open.

If you are a PhD student in the field of asteroseismology, during at least her/his 3rd year of the PhD, you are most welcome to submit an application to give a seminar! The application will be reviewed by the steering committee, and you will receive an invitation to the seminar if it is accepted.
We are welcoming applications until September 4, 2022. You will receive an answer no later than mid-September. To apply, please send an email to, and make sure that you specify:
About you:
– your full name, gender, and institute
About your PhD:
– the name of your PhD supervisor(s)
– your expected PhD completion date (approximately)
– the topic of your PhD
– the methodology of the work (data analysis, theory, modelling, instrumentation, etc…)
About the seminar:
– Title and abstract (or preliminary ones)
– reference paper (if relevant)
– preferred period of time for the seminar (give a month between October and March)
– preferred time (10 am CET or 10 pm CET)