Staff involved mostly comes LESIA, who is in charge of the project, GEPI for the development of optics, but also of IAP for the science case. Our main partners are: ISISHyperion TechnologiesIDQ and Cedrat for components. A special thank to the REF and Sylvain Azarian for helping with everything related to the UHF/VHF communication.

Name Position
Sylvestre Lacour Principal Investigator
Vincent Lapeyrere Project Manager
Lester David System Manager
Mathias Nowak Payload
Antoine Crouzier On-board Software
Philippe Perrot On-board Software
Guillaume Schworer Ground Segment Software
Maartin Roos Dissemination (Medias)

This is the core group, but many other individuals were also involved in this project. Their work was crucial for the success of the project: Alain Lecavelier, Thierry Lemoult, Philippe Trebuchet, Damien Stucki, Benoit Chamot, Jonathan Tanrin, Jerome Parisot, Gary Gabriel, Philippe Plasson, Cyril Dufoing, Jawad Arroub, Hamza Faiz, Lionel Djadaojee, Michele Ciocchetta… And I most certainly forgot many.


We would like to thank our main contributors: