SiDS now open

How hard can it be? I mean, creating an SiDS server and making it available to anyone wishing to send frames in real time? That’s just about parsing an HTTP request, and saving stuff in the database. Piece of cake, really. After all, SiDS just means “Simple Downlink Share”, doesn’t it?

And yet… Bad request forwarding, slow server response time, access right issues, database collisions, we got them all! So, no, it wasn’t easy. And I can’t guarantee that there won’t be a few bugs left out here and there. But so far it seems to be working well enough.

I am glad to announce that the SiDS server for PicSat is now open and ready to process your telemetry frames!

In order to use it, you will need to go under your “profile” tab (don’t have an account on this website? Create one here!), and open your SiDS access by clicking on the button. You can also find the “source” that you should use when sending data. This should be your callsign if you have one, or your user name if not.

More info here:

A big thank to Mike DK3WN and Viljo ES5PC for their help in debugging that stuff!

P.S.: Sylvain F4GKR’s PicSat decoder PicTalk now allows for automatic forwarding of the data frames to the SiDS server!

P.P.S.: Telemetry forwarder also added to D3KWN’s PicSat Telemetry Decoder and Forwarder.


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