Solar Eruption

The following animation presents the take-off of a solar eruption. It compares actual observations of an eruption that occured on June 7th 2011 with a 3D MHD numerical simulation of that event. The simulation was performed by T. Török.

This event and the simulation was published in this article:

Coronal Magnetic Reconnection Driven by CME Expansion—the 2011 June 7 Event”; L. van Driel-Gesztelyi, D. Baker, T. Török, E. Pariat, L. Green, D. Williams, J. Carlyle, G. Valori, P. Démoulin, B. Kliem, D. Long, S. Matthews, J.-M.. Malherbe; ApJ, Volume 788, Issue 1, 85, 12 pp., 2014.


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