Support to Ukraine at COSPAR 2022

The COSPAR (Committee on Space Research) General assembly will take place in Athens from 16 to 24 July 2022. The community of space scientist must take this opportunity to support the Ukrainian people. Read the letter below. 

A few words of explanation following recent developments in terms of space collaboration (added on March 16th)

Is it necessary to say it? Russian scientists, some of whom have taken the risk of condemning the war, are not targeted by this message, and individual scientific collaborations can and must continue despite the difficulties. However, the policy of space agencies is closely linked to that of governments, and COSPAR, a place of peaceful meeting between institutions, is today necessarily concerned by the conflict. The Russian space agency, Roscosmos, is today headed by Dmitry Rogozin, a man placed by the Russian government, who was banned from entering the US and EU territories in 2014 following his support for the annexation of Crimea and the pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine. He is the only one expressing an official position on Russian space policy today, and Russian scientists are not allowed to publicly express a different space policy viewpoint. In this context, the letter below and the actions requested from COSPAR are proposed, aimed at institutions linked to the Russian government, not at individual Russian scientists.

If you wish to support this action, please enter your identification (name /function/ affiliation and email) in the commentary block at the bottom of the page- email will not be public and is asked only to confirm the validity of the signatures.

The list of signatures is available on the page below. On March 21th, 115 signatures have been collected. Thank you all for your strong messages. Only a selection of comments are shown below in order to limit the length of the page, but all the names are in the list in the file :

41 Responses to Support to Ukraine at COSPAR 2022

  1. Atreya says:

    No war!

    Sushil Atreya University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA
    I stand in solidarity with our Ukrainian and Russian scientist colleagues and all concerned citizens to bring a swift and peaceful end to the horrific, unprovoked war the Russian government has waged against innocent people of Ukraine. I fully endorse a COSPAR resolution in support of this.

  2. Laurent Lamy says:

    Fraternal support to our ukrainian colleagues under bombs in Karkhiv and elsewhere and to russian colleagues who had enough courage to condemn the situation.

  3. Maria Błęcka says:

    I fully agree and support

  4. Jan Błęcki says:

    I fully agree with the letter
    Prof. dr Jan Błęcki
    Space Research Centre PAS

  5. Hubert Zieliński says:

    Ми всі українці

  6. Tristan Guillot says:

    The war declared by Putin and his government on the people of Ukraine is a crime against humanity. As it stands, Russia cannot be part of organizations promoting Peace and collaborative Research such as COSPAR. My feelings go first to the Ukrainian people who are fighting with courage and endure the most terrible sufferings. I also feel sorry for Russian colleagues who are hostages of a government of thieves and criminals. Russians and Ukrainians deserve to live in peace.

  7. Barbara Atamaniuk says:

    Tragedy of Humanity.

  8. Russia, stop immediately this not provoked, senseless, barbaric war with your brothers and sisters in Ukraine! This is XXI century, you are Russians, not Huns.

  9. Dave Sheppard says:

    We stand with Ukraine and against the unacceptable and intolerable Russian aggression. We are in favor of actions to support the Ukrainian people and encourage the Russians to end this misguided war.

  10. Maciej Bzowski says:

    Maciej Bzowski, Head, Laboratory for Solar System Physics and Astrophysics, Space Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland;

  11. Vratislav Krupar (UMBC & NASA/GSFC) says:

    If Russia stops fighting there will be no more war–if Ukrainians stop fighting there will be no more Ukraine. I fully support the initiative.

  12. Jeff Cuzzi says:

    Ukraina podayet vsemu miru obrazets muzhestva. My umolyayem zdravomyslyashchikh grazhdan Rossii ostanovit’ putinskuyu voynu.

  13. James (Jim) Cutts says:

    I support this action which should be carried out WITHOUT DELAY

    COSPAR should condemn Russian aggression explicitly

    Suspension of Russia from COSPAR would support Ukrainian scientists, who are rallying to convince international organizations like COSPAR to take stronger action against Russia

    Suspension of Russia would also support Russian scientists who risk jail as they protest Putin’s vicious and senseless invasion of Ukraine

  14. Vincent Coudé du Foresto says:

    Là où le destin de notre siècle saigne…

  15. Stuart D. Bale says:

    It sure seems like COSPAR should take the high road and stake out a position. I would support a statement against the Russian government military action and a statement of support for our Ukrainian scientific colleague. Probably we even do more than that…

  16. Pawel Swaczyna says:

    I fully support this initiative. We need to do everything possible to stop Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

    Pawel Swaczyna, Associate Research Scholar, Department of Astrophysical Sciences, Princeton University.

  17. Jean-Claude Gérard says:

    I fully agree with the content of this letter. This war is totally unacceptable and incompatible with 21st century moral ethics.
    However, I support keeping contacts with Russian scientific colleagues and continue collaboration on space missions.

    Jean-Claude Gérard
    LPAP, STAR – Université de Liège – Belgium

  18. Anna Milillo says:

    I endorse the COSPAR resolution and I fully support the Ukrainian people and the Russians who express their dissent to this aggression by the Russian government. I am not against every single Russian scientist and personal collaborations with them, but COSPAR is an official institution where Russian representatives cannot be accepted at this time.

  19. Robert Pappalardo says:

    With thanks for organizing this letter, and regrets to our scientific colleagues who must suffer from the reprehensible actions of their government.

  20. LeeRoy MALAC-ALLAIN says:

    Aucune collaboration pacifique n’est envisageable avec un agresseur tant que celui n’a pas déposé les armes.

    Soutien fraternel à tous les artisans de la paix.

    ingénieur au LESIA, Observatoire de Paris – PSL

  21. Dimitra Koutroumpa says:

    I support this initiative, and stand with our Ukrainian collegues suffering from this invasion, as well as our Russian collegues in their attempt to voice their opposition to their government’s actions.


    solidarity with space scientists affected by this dramatic conflict

  23. Hnatyk Bohdan, leading researcher, Astronomical Observatory of Kyiv University, Ukraine, says:

    Thanks for care and support,
    together we will win

    Bohdan Hnatyk, Kyiv, Ukraine

  24. Thank you for your support and sympathy,

    Vasyl Ivchenko, Kyiv, Ukraine

  25. I fully endorse the message conveyed in this letter. War is always an horror, with a multitude of innocent victims on both sides due to the madness of a few. I express my deep solidarity with the Ukrainian people and my sympathy to scientific colleagues from all countries who still trust in a free and peaceful world. With a special though to the oceanographic community from Ukraine involved in Black Sea research. Pierre Brasseur, Senior Research Scientist, IGE, France

  26. Dr. Sergiy Silich says:

    I fully support an unambiguous position expressed in this petition.
    Unfortunately, I do not see any opportunity to stop non motivated Russian
    Federation aggression against Ukraine, but join efforts of all people of
    good will and isolate Russian aggressors from the civilized world.

    Dr. Sergiy Silich
    The Mexican Academy of Sciences member

  27. I fully support the contents of the letter. Russian aggression should stop immediately. Even then it will take a long time to undo de harm already done I also support my Russian colleagues who oppose the invasion and are also caught in this turnmoil.

  28. Gilles Ohanessian says:

    I express my solidarity with space scientists among all victims of this tragedy

  29. Sally Oey says:

    Thank you for this initiative. I urge COSPAR to take the strongest possible action.

  30. Theodor Kostiuk, Planetary Scientist (Retired), Maryland, USA says:

    I support this petition. This inhuman war to destroy a nation, people, international order and cooperation, including in science will fail. Ukraine and all will survive.

  31. Ludmilla Kolokolova says:

    Thank you, COSPAR, for supporting my Ukrainian colleagues and Ukraine in general. It is so nice to see that the Ukrainians are not alone.

  32. Daniel Glavin says:

    I fully support this COSPAR resolution.

  33. Paul Mahaffy says:

    I fully support a COSPAR resolution in condemnation of this unjust war.

  34. Nicolas Thomas says:

    I support the letter.

  35. Paweł Jujeczko says:

    I agree with the letter.

  36. Philippa Browning says:

    Fully support the statement , sending solidarity to the people and scientific community of Ukraine , and to all Russians who are opposing this illegal war

  37. Laurence Rezeau, professeur Sorbonne Université says:

    Je souhaite signer la lettre.

  38. We are witnessing the worst of the human nature: russian officials are destroying a country and a nation for mere predation. And anything that looks like a democracy is unbearable for them.

  39. Gary Mamon says:

    The decision by the despot of a major country to invade a much weaker neighboring country, officially to protect a minority, has an eery resemblance with 1939 and the invasion of Czeckoslovakia and then Poland. For nearly 80 years, we all thought that Europe would be spared of such horrible wars. Instead, Vladimir Putin decided to break the peaceful European post World War II order and invade a democratic country. His unadmitted reason was that his neighbor country is led by its people, and their free way of governing could expand into the minds of his own people and lead to his overthrow. The selfish reasoning of this one man is now causing the immense suffering of the Ukrainian people, with civilian targets bombed, over a thousand civilian casualties, many millions displaced, and cities destroyed. Our hearts are with the Ukrainian people enduring this horrible invasion and who are defending their country with courage and resolve that few expected. Our hearts are also with the Russian people who have suffered a terrible history imposed by the worse despots, from one strong neighbor in the past, but also by many of their own. We understand the most awkward situation faced by our Russian colleagues. We hope that peace will come soon, with Ukraine remaining a free country, which will allow Russia to return to the community of nations and for our Russian colleagues and ourselves to resume our fruitful scientific and human interactions.

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