Senior Research Scientist at Paris Observatory

LESIA, Observatoire de ParisPSL, CNRS, Sorbonne Université, Université de Paris

During my career as a research scientist, I had the opportunity to touch all aspects of modern astronomy. From large telescope observation to space instrumentation, from radiative transfer to global circulation models, my path in planetology allowed me to work in many area. Management experience on space instrument and of a large laboratory (LESIA) have made me familiar with human relations so important in research area



Research domains :  I am an expert in planetary atmospheres. My works are mostly related to infrared molecular spectroscopy of planets, from giant and telluric planets to exoplanets.

Modelling : As a specialist in radiative transfer in planetary atmospherse, I have developped numerical simulations of molecular spectra in various atmospheric planetary conditions. I had also some incursions in specialized domains like cloud scattering and solid body reflectance modeling. Finally, I worked on numerical simulation for giant planets circulation.

Instrumentation : After the calibration and data preparation for the observations of the NIMS/Galileo experiment, then ISM/Phobos, I took the responsibility of the French channel VIRTIS-H of Rosetta in 1994, then of hte global instrument VIRTIS on Venus Express with G. Piccioni (IAPS, Rome).

Data base : I have worked in data archiving and data processing for many space science missions, with NASA, ESA and CNES. This work is now developed within the PADC Paris Observatory virtual observatory.

Teaching and outreach

Teaching : After a period as assistant professor at Ecole Normale Supérieure, I have made some teaching courses in thematic schools or support teaching in the Astrophysics Master of Paris Observatory

Encadrement : thèses, stages, et post-docs

Outreach : I have organized two exhibitions in 2004 “Beyond Earth” in Paris Observatory, and in 2015 at the Aerospace museum in Le Bourget, entitled “Comètes : aux origines des systèmes planétaires” with support of the Laboratoire d’Excellence ESEP. I have regular intervention on radio networks or public conferences in France and European countries.


President of Solar System advisory group at CNES (2000)

Head of department LESIA (2010-2018)

Director of Laboratoire d’Excellence ESEP (2011-2019)

PI of Venus Express / VIRTIS (2003-2016)

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